Friday, March 05, 2021

WACKY Wednesday: Goldie May (research assistant)

There is much interest in the new Chrome Browser Extension Goldie Mae, a genealogical research assistant. This is the link to the Goldie Mae video we viewed together privately, but did not include as part of our recording since we do not hold the copyright:

Sheri Snodgrass likes Goldie May's tag line:
"Not another place for your conclusions; a place for your work in progress."

If you cannot view the embedded video, use this link:
SD is replaced by HD and CC usually within the hour after upload.

00:21:24 Pat Jackson: Hi from Kentucky
00:32:28 Sheri Snodgrass: Disappointed that he didn't include the house columns in the screenshot.
00:40:04 Betty-Lu Burton: Can you use it for any country, but it only gives research ideas for the USA
00:40:42 Cousin Russ: As the recording mentions, only the US for now
00:43:46 Sheri Snodgrass: Collaboration is listed as available in the Free version list.
00:47:27 Cousin Russ: 8 minute Goldie May Demo
00:58:45 Sheri Snodgrass: Logging every page would capture all my BSO traffic as well
01:00:52 Sheri Snodgrass: Is the Auto logging only on the Research Tab or the Task Tab?
01:05:24 Flo Merritt: Nice, a cvs file!
01:05:53 Sheri Snodgrass: He just walked thru what I was looking for - thanks!
01:06:51 Cousin Russ: 8 minute Goldie May Demo
01:09:11 Kathleen Daetsch: That will be great my children have Polish ancestry
01:10:29 Cousin Russ:
01:15:33 Sheri Snodgrass: Discount if you pay a year at a time.
01:16:19 Betty-Lu Burton: I wonder if it has an example of the citations
01:17:20 Linda Morgan Clark: Hi Sue! I've signed up for this for a year while there was a RootsTech discount. BOY! is there a learning curve! I saved the video demo.
01:17:45 Cousin Russ: 8 minute Goldie May Demo
01:17:53 Kathleen Daetsch: That's what I was thinking it is copying the citation information from the website
01:18:04 Cousin Russ:
01:18:35 Lori Martin: This is what it says on the website for Goldie May:  "Citations - Instant FamilySearch and Ancestry citations. No more copy and paste. Edit as you please. Export any time."  So we can edit them after they are added with the full pay subscription.
01:20:32 Kathleen Daetsch: that is what I was thinking can you edit the log take out what you don't need
01:22:07 Kathleen Daetsch: that is what I was thinking
01:22:45 Kathleen Daetsch: Thank You Frank
01:22:55 Sheri Snodgrass: Thanks!!
01:22:58 Flo Merritt: Thank you

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