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MwM - Why we use genealogy software and strategies for backing up to the cloud

This episode was so jam-packed, I agree with Lori's comment "Save some topics for next Mondays with Myrt."

We had some newbies in the room today, and we needed to give them ideas for alternatives to having all their genealogy only in an online tree. So Ol' Myrt here canvassed our wonderful panelists who answered two questions:

1. What is your principle genealogy management program?

2. What strategies do you have in place to ensure you won't lose your genealogy data, images, and documents?

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0:18:29 Karen Jaszewski: Hello from Oakville, Ontario
00:18:36 Sheri Snodgrass: Hello from sunny Iowa.
00:18:45 Frank Jatzek: Hi everyone from Potsdam, Germany
00:18:52 Randy Seaver: Hello from foggy Chula Vista California
00:19:26 Mary Lou Gravatt: Hi from sunny New Jersey.
00:19:43 Maria Capaldi: Hi Everyone!
00:21:27 Maria Capaldi: RootsMagic 7 and Family Tree Maker for me.
00:21:42 Karen Jaszewski: FTM2019
00:21:46 Sheri Snodgrass: Family Tree Maker as well.
00:21:52 Judy Sova: FTM
00:22:04 Cyndy Bray: FTM 2019
00:22:16 Randy Seaver: I also have FTM and Legacy...
00:22:52 Karen Jaszewski: I have external drive and Backblaze, thanks to this group.
00:23:19 Mary Lou Gravatt: I use Legacy.
00:24:18 Launa Droescher: Legacy, Dropbox, ACRONIS, external drives
00:25:13 Sheri Snodgrass: External HD, network drive, iDrive
00:25:38 Molly McKinley: G-drive and external hard drives
00:26:01 Karen Jaszewski: I also have Ancestry as my database backup, on top of my personal drive and cloud.
00:27:02 Judy Sova: Pat, when you figure out that hard drive, let me know!
00:29:04 Hilary Gadsby: I also have things copied into Evernote including emails
00:29:45 Molly McKinley: I have 6 external drives, one for each different parts of my life...lol
00:29:59 Karen Looney: Cousin Russ - Do you have instructions on your blog about recovering monthly from your backup?  I back up to external drives, but have only "recovery."
00:30:17 Karen Looney: cont. only recovered once.
00:30:24 Hilary Gadsby: I have some things backed up on a hub in a different room but have not accessed them for a while
00:30:54 Myra Lindgren: Good morning every one!
00:30:56 Frank Jatzek: One of the nice things you can do with an external hard drive: bring it to your relatives and open up the Photos to collect stories
00:33:48 Maria Capaldi: Every Sunday I back w/ External Hard Drive.
00:34:28 Louis Kessler: Family Tree Builder and MyHeritage
00:34:35 David Hopper: The Master Genealogist
00:34:52 Myra Lindgren: Roots magic
00:35:03 Cyndy Bray: learned about Airtable at RootsTech. Relational database. Not in place of my FTM
00:37:09 Karen Jaszewski: Is Acronis limited in the amount of data you may back up?
00:37:54 Launa Droescher: get prom pricing, once a year. can buy multiple  computers, and different amount of data
00:37:57 Randy Seaver: FS is putting several videos on YouTube every week
00:40:43 Louis Kessler: I found a while back that OneDrive was gobbling up 95% of the Internet in the background. There is a setting to limit the amount but the default is unlimited. Maybe that, or something like that is causing Mr Myrt's computer to bung things up. See "OneDrive's Poison Setting" http://www.beholdgenealogy.com/blog/?p=3314
00:41:43 Randy Seaver: Google Drive does that to me sometimes and I have to shut the automatic off.
00:43:48 Maria Capaldi: lol
00:43:53 Cousin Russ: Randy Seaver's "Found another way to skin the Elizabethan handwriting cat" https://www.geneamusings.com/2021/04/amanuensis-monday-1697-will-of-john.html

00:47:47 Frank Jatzek: One Thing to note Randy: your transcription makes these records machine readable, so persons with a disablity can have the transscription translated into Audio or even brail.
00:50:44 Patricia Jackson: What software does everyone use for transcribing?
00:51:19 Randy Seaver: I just use an image window below a blogging window on my Windows PC
00:51:49 Danine Cozzens: Thanks for convincing me to read probates: I found one for a distant connection with a signature for my ggf’s first wife,  a solid bit of evidence she was not Phoebe Jackson but Phoebe Twitchell of Jackson Maine.
00:53:12 Frank Jatzek: Randy: Doing over 500 of such transscriptions by Hand is amazing
00:53:26 June Butka: I add links of blogpost for my ancestors on Ancestry as a new web link.
00:53:41 Cousin Russ: W Mott - do you have a question ?
00:53:46 Maria Capaldi: Nice!!!!!!
00:53:50 Randy Seaver: Frank, typng is the challenge - I average 1 error per line it seems

00:56:43 Maria Capaldi: hum, I missed that one somehow I will need to read it!
00:56:49 Micki Minner: I had the same problem with Devonshire, England and Devonshire, Bermuda
00:58:06 Hilary Gadsby: It should be Devon in England don't usually use the shire
00:58:22 Diana Smith: A cousin of mine uploaded "our" family tree to FamilySearch (many years ago now) and when I saw it, I was surprised to see our 1630-50 ancestors in MS (Mississippi) - figured out they should have been Massachusetts Colony.
00:59:59 Cousin Russ: Yvette Hoitink, “Was your ancestor born in Reusel-De Mierden, Noord-Brabant? Guess again!” Dutch Genealogy (https://www.dutchgenealogy.nl/ancestors-in-reusel-de-mierden-noord-brabant : posted 22 Nov 2013).
01:00:12 Maria Capaldi: Ohhhhh really wow!
01:01:53 Cousin Russ: Transcript (transcription software) 

01:03:59 Diana Smith: I have converted most of my database to spell out everything - including County.
01:04:31 Maria Capaldi: Yes it is 100%!
01:05:10 Barbara Christensen: Do you use USA or write out United States?
01:05:18 June Butka: Hillsborough is a county and a city same with Merrimack which is in Hillsborough county. Merrimack
01:05:51 Patricia Jackson: Also county and city often different, such as Franklin Ohio not in Franklin County Ohio
01:06:00 carencay bowen: City or County of Baltimore in State of Maryland or Country of Liberia
01:06:51 Micki Minner: St. Louis also has an independent city
01:07:21 Hilary Gadsby: We have places with the same name in the same county in England
01:07:24 Liv Christensen: The emigrants from Norway sent many letters home. They wanted to inform their families that they had arrived safely in the US. They wanted to tell family that they lived a good life and they wanted…https://genealogicalresearchnorway.blog/2021/04/05/amerikabrev-letters-from-america/
01:11:58 Randy Seaver: My wife Linda's ancestors came from Voss near Bergen and went to Wisconsin via Canada
01:12:53 Nadine Guilbault: Randy-Where about in Wisconsin did they go?
01:13:00 Randy Seaver: I found a description of the voyage in a mug book about Norway emigrants found in the Norwegian museum in Madison WI
01:13:13 Frank Jatzek: Using Hull and Liverpool was also a common route for German emmigrants. sometimes I wonder how large Liverpools port must have been back than
01:13:14 Robbin Smith: on PBS here there was a show on about Norway in WW2
01:13:31 Randy Seaver: They ended up in Deerfield in Dane County, WI, in the 1855 time.
01:14:31 Randy Seaver: Tronheim is the same latitude as Iceland and Greenland and Baffin Bay and Juneau or Anchorage.
01:15:04 Nadine Guilbault: Randy-I am here in Wisconsin.  I will send you a note. I am hoping to get to Madison this year and could look up some info for you if want.
01:15:22 Randy Seaver: Frank, probably as big as Rotterdam and Hamburg
01:15:23 Patricia Jackson: We flew across Lake Michigan in private plane. At 17,000 ft there was about five minutes of not seeing land at either coast.

Great Aunt or Grand Aunt?

01:16:13 Cousin Russ: Diane Haddad’s How to Refer to Aunts and Uncles: Grand, Not Great https://www.familytreemagazine.com/names/aunts-and-uncles-grand-not-great
01:17:26 Maria Capaldi: Me too, Diana.
01:17:31 Louis Kessler: They've always been great to me.
01:17:34 Mary Lou Gravatt: Great Aunt is how I have always known my grandparents sibilings.
01:18:03 Maria Capaldi: lol
01:18:06 Diana Smith: So just don't "assume" based on what they are called.
01:18:15 Judy Sova: The use of grand-aunt is strange, but it makes more sense to use grand with your grandparents’ generation and great with your great-grandparents’ generation.
01:18:16 Randy Seaver: I never met a grand or great-aunt or uncle - I would use great-aunt for a sister of my grnadparents and a great-aunt for a sister of my greatgrandparents.
01:18:47 June Butka: There is also called "Aunt" even is not related. It is a courteous honor. I'm called Auntie June by the in-laws family, yet I'm not related to them at all. 
01:19:01 Sheri Snodgrass: I first found it with this video - which does a great job of explaining the counting of cousins.  My nieces and nephews had that ah-ha after watching this 4 minute video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM79Epw_cp8&list=UU2C_jShtL725hvbm1arSV9w&index=43
01:19:10 Liv Christensen: Granduncle/aunt   is from French. Frank can tell us if it is also used in Germany.
01:19:37 Maria Capaldi: On the other hand when I was growing up they were Aunt or Uncle. No Great was used.
01:20:18 Molly McKinley: Then you have all those friends of our grandparents who we called aunt, that were not kin at all.
01:20:25 Diana Smith: We had Gary's "grandma and grandpa Russell" participate in our wedding - they were NOT blood kin, just emotional - my "adopted grandparents" were unable to attend or they would have been included.
01:20:38 Robbin Smith: I agree Maria - great aunt when referring to them, Aunt soandso when talking to them
01:20:59 Maria Capaldi: Thanks Sherri
01:21:07 Barbara Christensen: I grew up in Texas, where family friends were often called aunt or uncle, as were some of my parents’ cousins. Very confusing when I tried to later figure out the genealogy of how we were related.
01:21:24 Myra Lindgren: So my aunt Winnifred was a grand aunt- she was my grandmothers sister...
01:21:44 Janet Iles: I always heard great aunt, but in Spanish I am tia abuela (grandmother aunt)
01:22:14 Diana Smith: By the way, my great-aunts and uncles were still called "Aunt Mary" or whatever - the great was "implied"
01:22:33 Maria Capaldi: I do it was a respect rather then calling them Mr. or Mrs.
01:23:49 June Butka: It didn't matter the generation they were Aunt or Uncle. when I grow up.
01:25:06 June Butka: Outside the family were would explained my grandfathers sister or my father's sister.
01:25:43 Patricia Jackson: Mr. for men but Miss and first name for women.
01:26:13 Frank Jatzek: Here we use Granduncle and Grandaunt as a max, after then we start to use the Degrees because we are lazy and don't want to put too many "Ur" in front to go a Generation up
01:26:13 Sheri Snodgrass: I found records where the Sr and Jr were for two men in the same town, but not from the same family - and it was noted that way in a newspaper article.
01:26:20 June Butka: I our family it is listed my numbers; 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
01:26:28 Launa Droescher: I always add Jr if so stated on birth cert as do I with 3rd
01:27:43 Frank Jatzek: Russ: never seen it but that's why we use a lot of middle names
01:28:00 Randy Seaver: My 2nd great-grandfather was known as Isaac Seaver III for most of his life, but did not have a father or grandfather named Isaac Seaver.  My III was the 3rd person named Isaac Seaver in his town.  Isaac II became his step-father!
01:28:12 June Butka: The census records did the same Senior for the older and Junior for younger.
01:28:51 Diana Smith: My family solved that by not repeating names after about 1800 ;>
01:29:57 June Butka: I made that mistake when I started doing genealogy. Thinking that senior and junior were related until I did more research and found out they were not. 
01:30:19 Karen Jaszewski: I use my middle name because there is someone out there with my name…
01:30:26 Molly McKinley: It also made sure you got the right mail.
01:30:48 Nadine Guilbault: I have repeating Johns and Mary's in multiple chain lineages. I have to put a 1,2,3 just to keep them separate. With a note in the citations.
01:31:06 Cousin Russ: Roberta Estes’s Ancestry’s “Your DNA Sample Has Been Destroyed” Email https://dna-explained.com/2021/04/01/ancestrys-your-dna-sample-has-been-destroyed-email/
01:31:21 June Butka: I did not received a notice.
01:31:34 Patricia Jackson: Not so far
01:33:30 Cyndy Bray: You need permission from the DNA tester.
01:35:06 Diana Smith: 3+ years ago we got a message that they were "unable to process" our samples - unfortunately, Gary had died in the meantime.
01:35:38 Lori Martin: I know I’m making a comment long after you discussed this topic, but I just found some Chancery court records from the 1820s-1840s on the Library of Virginia website https://www.lva.virginia.gov/chancery/ and that transcription aid you discussed is going to come in very handy for me! Great timing - Thanks!
01:37:27 Maria Capaldi: I understand exactly Myrt.
01:38:07 June Butka: I already started giving items to family members who wanted it with the written story.  It's my 5th year doing so.
01:38:43 Randy Seaver: I need seasick pills
01:39:01 Diana Smith: June Butka - me too.  There aren't many of us
01:39:04 Frank Jatzek: What is a Genealogist: part Detective, part Librarian and part Storyteller
01:39:17 Diana Smith: Frank - exactly!
01:39:28 Maria Capaldi: It looked beautiful I saw your post! Nicely done!
01:39:30 Sheri Snodgrass: @Frank - love that!
01:39:30 Myra Lindgren: Everything is going to my youngest son. The oldest said everything is going to the dump....
01:40:09 Randy Seaver: we need to have a draft choice system for the good stuff
01:40:11 Diana Smith: Michael Nier - unfortunately.
01:40:42 Hilary Gadsby: I am going to have to divide things as only have great nieces and nephews
01:40:48 Maria Capaldi: As always great discussion, thank you!
01:41:33 Cousin Russ:

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01:41:43 Karen Jaszewski: Thank you!
01:41:46 Maria Capaldi: Where at Myrt?
01:42:40 Randy Seaver: So he migrated from one British entity to another
01:43:09 Randy Seaver: Well, it wasn't a colony in 1620
01:43:10 Myra Lindgren: I’ve heard that...
01:43:43 Diana Smith: But immigration doesn't say COUNTRY - it is just leaving one place to go to another permanently.
01:46:26 Lori Martin: Save some topics for next Monday! Haha jk ;-)
01:46:40 Flo Merritt: Thank you...

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