Monday, June 07, 2021

BetterGEDCOM>FHISO> GEDCOM 7.0 is here!

UPDATED: 1:46pm Mountain Time.

Today within minutes of Tony Proctor's arrival to Mondays with Myrt, he received notification that GEDCOM 7.0 has been released. See:

GEDCOM is a generic file format that can be employed to export and import genealogy data between genealogy programs and websites. Now we just need genealogy websites and software developers to adopt GEDCOM 7.0.

Louis Kessler and Tony discussed some of the welcome improvements included in this open source software designed to facilitate data communication between various genealogy software programs and websites.

A breakthrough in technology for genealogists who wish to share all data, images AND sources. Now the genealogy website and software developers must embrace the new standards. No more lost source citations! :)
Randy Seaver reported that Bruce Buzbee of plans to implement GEDCOM 7.0 within the month.

UPDATE from RootsMagic's Michael Booth who explains here is our official statement:
"Today, FamilySearch released the official specifications for GEDCOM 7.0, the standard file format for transferring and archiving genealogical data. With many others, we've played a part in guiding the development of GEDCOM 7.0.
Since it was just officially released today, it may take some time to add support for GEDCOM 7.0 to our different products. We have no official timetable for when it will be available or what specific features we plan to add.
You may learn more about GEDCOM 7.0 at"

Developers who participated in this GEDCOM version are as follows: (1)
Managing Editors 
Gordon Clarke, FamilySearch 
Luther Tychonievich, FHISO and University of Virginia Taskforce 

David Pugmire, FamilySearch 
Jimmy Zimmerman, FamilySearch 
Larry Telford, FamilySearch 
Matt Misbach, FamilySearch 
Russell Lynch, FamilySearch 
Robert Raymond, FamilySearch 
Gaylon Findlay, Ancestral Quest 
Derek Maude, Ancestry 
James Tanner, The Family History Guide 
John Cardinal, Family History Hosting 
Albert Emmerich, GEDCOM-L 
Dave Berdan, Legacy Family Tree 
Evgen Zherebniy, Software Mackiev 
Jason Fletcher, Midlera Software 
Uri Gonen, MyHeritage 
Dallan Quass, 
Tony Proctor, 
Bill Harten, Puzzilla 
Bruce Buzbee and Mike Booth, RootsMagic 

Development Teams Tags team: Luther Tychonievich, Albert Emmerich, Russell Lynch, Tony Proctor, John Cardinal 

Extensions team: Luther Tychonievich, Tony Proctor, Jimmy Zimmerman Notes team: Dallan Quass, David Pugmire, Jason Fletcher, Russell Lynch 

External Media team: Dallan Quass, Jason Fletcher, Derek Maude


(1) FamilySearch. "Contributors" The FamilySearch GEDCOM Specification 7.0.0, p89 ( : viewed 7 June 2021.)

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