Thursday, June 03, 2021

CensusGenie: WHY Search By Location? 2 June 2021

WHY search by location? Curious genealogists won't want to wait until the census images are fully indexed to find info about their ancestors. It took us six months to index the 1940, and the census bureau explains the 1950 has about 20 million additional names. YIKES!

At this meeting, we learned more about peculiarities of the 1950 census and how the Steve Morse One-Step website can assist us with our locality search.

My notes include:
  • "Page 71" is reserved for those missed during the first round of enumerations. Even if an ED (enumeration district) has only 5 pages, "Page 71" follows. There are no pages 6-70 in that case.
  • "Map legends" appear on the first page of say a 4-part enumeration district map.

Watch the following to find out about the importance of adding an "A" or looking at "Other" when working through the Steve Morse One-Step

CensusGenie's 2 June 2021 Recording

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