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ARCHIVED! Mondays with Myrt - 16 Aug 2021

In which we discuss a  reaction to Ancestry.com's change in TOS, and how after removing one's previously uploaded photos gives you a chance to see who has copied the photo to their trees, because it shows up as a hint. Now let's get communicating with those here-to-fore unknown cousins!

If you cannot view the embedded video on your device, use this link: https://youtu.be/ySnyTTA7xcs


Drew Smith interviews DearMYRTLE on The Genealogy Connection https://genealogyguys.com/genealogy-connection-077-pat-richley-erickson-aka-dearmyrtle

Hilary Gadsby:   Listened to the podcast this morning

Patricia Jackson: Heard that this morning, very cool!

Hilary Gadsby:   I have a few podcasts I need to catch up on.

The Sky is Falling, Or Is It? #Ancestry TOS Challenges

Hilary Gadsby:   I wonder if some people are moving to other websites. We have a few people coming back to WikiTree

Cousin Russ:       WikiTree https://www.wikitree.com/

Cousin Russ:       FTM 2019 and WikiTree https://ftmuser.blogspot.com/2021/08/ftm2019-and-wikitree.html

Sheila Benedict: Some time ago, I saw a tree that had my mother on it and none of us. When I contacted the tree owner, she was indignant but a week later she removed it.

Bev Anderson:  I removed my media only to have a great number show up as a hint do to all the people who've copied it.

Lianne Kruger : It doesn't mean they are dead

Danine Cozzens: The Ancestry photo hints show me who the active posters are on some of my lines — so I could reach out to some new-to-me cousins.

Lianne Kruger : yes

Hilary Gadsby:   Some could be visiting family in another country. My family should be there but not if they were in England.

Frank Jatzek: The world suddenly became much smaller, eh Dave?

Myra Lindgren: Good morning everyone from beautiful COVID packed Wyoming!

Diana Crisman Smith - FL: RootsMagic relationship calculator doesn't show relationships by marriage (Gary and I were not shown as spouses), but it does show that we were 10th cousins (through George SOULE Sr & Mary BECKET).

Shelby Bender: Hello Wyoming!  Florida's got you beat hands down and I for one of many am DISGUSTED with our governance.  I hope you and your family are doing well.

Lianne Kruger : My husband and I are 12th cousins - back in Europe -France & Netherlands

Lianne Kruger : Found that from FamilySearch - Cousins near you

Cousin Russ: Megan Smolenyak’s father’s WWI map post & comments. https://www.facebook.com/smolenyak/posts/10221895254104655

Frank Jatzek:      such an artifact is awesome

C Bwn: Tony Randall was in his 70s

Micki Minner:    My father was over 50 when I was born (I am the oldest)

My dad was born in 1927 and my youngest sibling was born in 1982

Frank Jatzek:      Russ: do you still have the letters?

Sheila Benedict: I have my uncle/aunt marriage certificate. They were married on December 7th 1941 while Pearl Harbor was going on. He was shipped out the next day.

Myra Lindgren: Have posted most of Brian’s letters from the mid 60s and in the Philippines.


Cousin Russ: Hilary Gadsby points us to the Federation of Family History Societies (UK)  - https://www.familyhistoryfederation.com/

Sheila Benedict: Hilary, that is a great page and I look at it periodically.

Tony Proctor:     Is that the old FFHS (Federation of Family History Societies)? [Yes]

Micki Minner: Devon?  I saw Devon?  where one of my lines originally hailed!  woo hoo !

Tony Proctor:     There's a thin line between family-history groups and local history groups. I exchanged a lot of information with the Whitwick Historical Group while researching for one of my posts

01:06:52 Sheila Benedict: I have done research at Preston in Lancashire Co. and my husband is about 90% English - Benedicts in Norwalk and Nottinghamshire. They came here in 1620 as English Quakers

Sheila Benedict: Paul Milner gave/gives a presentation on using parish chests.

Micki Minner:    I was searching for my boyfriend’s family in Gryzmalow, Poland (through the years it has been in 5-6 different countries!)...Ukraine now, Poland, Russia, Galicia, Austro-Hungary, Hungary.  Learning the history of the area is important!

Betty-Lu Burton: I first read 30p as 30 pages then realized it was 30 pence.

01:10:31 Cousin Russ: Brandi’s question in Cite Your Sources Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/Citesources/posts/4325170280863719/  and ESM’s response with Quick Lesson 19 about layered Citations  “Brandi, if you've not yet discovered EE's QuickLesson 19: "Layered Citations Work Like Layered Clothing," it would help you cite these complex materials from archives that are being delivered online by third-party providers.” https://www.evidenceexplained.com/content/quicklesson-19-layered-citations-work-layered-clothing

Hilary Gadsby: I am a member of that Facebook group

Lianne Kruger writes "[Citation] is an art. We have to be consistent within a document. In my Family History Research Associate degree in 499 we as students compared what we had been taught by our different teachers.  My teachers said put the document number at the beginning of the citation. Another student had instructors who said document numbers at the end of your citation.

Most importantly - be consistent."

Lianne Kruger : Important to make it very easy for someone else (anyone even without genealogy background) to find your source.

Sheila Benedict: I sent in my request to join it

Hilary Gadsby writes "The more distant something is from the original the more likely that it may have been altered."

Frank Jatzek: Tony: if you don't mind look into Centurial too this program builds a citation based on predefined forms

Micki Minner: My marriage return was delayed by over a year...the minister got sick and never sent it in!  LOL

 Sheila Benedict: I saw a lot of mistakes in sacramental registers when I was the archivist at the Spanish mission. In the old days, the priest recorded it but no guarantee when he did it.

Sheila Benedict: Oh, there was imbibing!

Betty-Lu Burton: The Italian records I have been searching all have the signatures of the witnesses, the clerk and the person who reported the event. And yes the signatures are differently different from each other

Frank Jatzek:      Betty-Lu: you are talking about civil ones, or church ones?

Betty-Lu Burton: Civil records

Sheila Benedict: Difficult to read handwriting can result in a lot of mistakes.

 Frank Jatzek: Sheila: that's so true

Diana Crisman Smith writes "Myrt mentioned that a marriage record could be a license, banns, or a return (among other things) - the RETURN is the most important, since it proves they actually married. In Iowa records, for example, FamilySearch did ABSTRACTS from various types of records - for one couple I found 8 (EIGHT) citations there for one marriage - NONE was he return.  I do not know for sure that the couple was married, since I still have not found any proof of that. JUST BE CAREFUL and know what you are seeing."

Tony Proctor:     To Frank Jatzek, not the same thing at all

 Frank Jatzek: Tony: interesting: when you are done, you might send me a link to your Software?

Tony Proctor:     Frank: There will be a blog-post. Requirements are nothing to do with citations, but my solution is extremely flexible in what it can be applied to.

ESM's QuickLessons Study Group

Linda: Those classes had GREAT information!!

Myra Lindgren: Linda-Agreed

It isn’t enough to mention the author. ASK! Judy G. Russell, “Credit doesn’t cut it,” The Legal Genealogist (https://www.legalgenealogist.com/blog : posted 13 Aug 2021).

 Elizabeth Shown Mills, “QuickLesson 17: The Evidence Analysis Process Model,” Evidence Explained: Historical Analysis, Citation & Source Usage (https://www.evidenceexplained.com/content/quicklesson-17-evidence-analysis-process-map  : 16 Aug 2021)

Sheila Benedict: I made a chart of her process and have it posted on my office wall.

Diana Crisman Smith - FL: I have a laminated page of the process map

Sheila Benedict: I would never use it without permission

Cousin Russ:       Index to Potsdam Land Records (through 1849) compiled by Hermann Fellien (1956, 1996), updated 2001 with Gabriele Poths/Fellein. Available in text format at Frank’s local library. https://www.facebook.com/frank.jatzek.1/posts/358085322556454

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