DearMYRTLE's 52 THINGS Compendium

My daughter Stacey has been after me for years to video tape my recollections about ancestral artifacts throughout my house, but the task seemed overwhelming.

So I made a list of over 100 ancestral artifacts I've inherited and decided I'll craft a mini-journal to tell the story of each item and the ancestor I've inherited it from. Then, while Mr. Myrt is watching his wood crafting shows on Saturday mornings, I'll create a video. One each week this year. 

IMAGE: Mr. Myrt gave me this super cool circa 1940s steamer trunk for Christmas in 2020. I'm using it to store the weekly mini-journals and smaller ancestral artifacts I've inherited. 

The video is an important element of this project, as my children and grandchildren cannot come to explore the old steamer stunk because of Covid-19 isolation guidelines. During each week's video Ol' Myrt here will read the mini-journal and show the heirloom, document or photo so my family can experience the ancestral discoveries virtually.


52 THINGS: To polish or not to polish
52 THINGS: Secret compartment #1
52 THINGS: Tour of the Steamer Trunk 
52 THINGS: Grandma Frances's Hand Mirror 
The LRHG said she “loves this!” And that she’s glad I don’t check out her ears! THAT’S what I want — reactions from the grandchildren to these precious ancestral anecdotes and artifacts. 🤗
  • After viewing this video, my 16 year old grandson Tannon texted saying "I can hardly wait till Covid is over so I can come and explore the old steamer trunk!"

What People Are Saying

Sara C. "Ohh, I have one of those with beautiful beveled glass, and I dropped it an cracked the glass."  [You can always have the mirror replaced just as they repair precious family heirlooms on "The Repair Shop.]

Seeking Susie  "I love this!!  I can’t wait to see all the treasures!"
Patsy in Stitches "Myrt, I just love what you are doing here!!!!
Andrew H - "Great Video! "
Diane - "Wow you make it look so easy, can’t wait to try it. Thank you for the tutorial video, it was very helpful."
Kathleen - "Good job. I'm really learning from these videos."

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