Compendium of DearMYRTLE's CensusGenie Meetings 

NEXT MEETING 1-15 April 2022 nightly, until we get the hang of indexing.


DearMYRTLE's CensusGenie Meetings will prepare US researchers for the upcoming release of the 1950 US federal census on 1 April 2022. Meetings are held in Zoom Meeting format to facilitate open conversation.  A variety of learning methods will be employed:

  • Polls
  • Live demos
  • Watch Parties
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Lectures with interactive Q and A
  • Show and Tell via Shared Screens
Register once, attend any meetings. There is no reminder email with Zoom Meetings, so be sure to add the info to your calendar.

We meet on Wednesdays at 9pm as follows:

  • 6 Oct 2021


  • The 1950 Census Records website at the National Archives https://www.archives.gov/research/census/1950

  • NEXT MEETING 1-15 April 2022 nightly, until we get the hang of indexing.
  • Register for these free CensusGenie Meetings here:
  • Zoom will send you a confirmation email with your personal URL to join any or all of the CensusGenie meetings. There are currently no reminder emails provided for Zoom Meetings since registration inserts the vent in your "Meetings" tab on the Zoom App for your devices.
  • We recommend using the Zoom App, and keeping it up to date by checking "settings."
  • Arrive at the meeting 10 minutes early to test your mic and webcam.
  • Please mute your mic and video with not speaking.
  • CC - Closed Captioning is provided on all DearMYRTLE's Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars.
  • Archived meetings will appear on DearMYRTLE's YouTube Channel.
  • Note: Where we have hosted a watch party, the material may be under copyright, so we only record the intro and the Q and A session toward the end. The link will be given in the show notes on DearMYRTLE's Blog, and on the accompanying YouTube video's description.
If you value the interactive genealogy and journaling education provided in DearMYRTLE webinars, meetings, and videos, please consider donating. Thank you in advance. 

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