As principle author at the DearMYRTLE website, I make the following statements.
We respect your right to privacy and categorically will not share any personally identifying information with third parties without your expressed written permission.
Your interaction with DearMYRTLE properties is strictly voluntary.
Regarding the Myrt’s Musings (new) blog
Regarding the DearMYRTLE’s Genealogy Blog (old) on Google’s platform with a redirect from to
Regarding website
Regarding DearMYRTLE’s YouTube Channel
DearMYRTLE Webinar events
  • Our webinar service provider aggregates email addresses in order to send individual attendee registration confirmation & reminder emails with the URL for each to join as an attendee or panelist. See Zoom’s Official Statement: EU GDPR Compliance Statement.
  • Webinar panelists arrive in the webinar with the name provided at registration as an automatic “lower third” label that shows up when they are in the spotlight video.
  • Attendees arrive in the webinar with the name provided at registration and any comments posted by an attendee are time-stamped and prefixed with that same name.
  • I personally collect an emergency street address, alternate contact name and phone number for all panelists in a dedicated study group, such as AmericaGen. This info will only be used in case of emergency where a panelists takes ill while online with us and we wish to call for help.
  • When DearMYRTLE gives away gift cards, genealogy books, or software, the winner provides an email with identifying information so the item can be received via return email or US/Canada postal service. The following email format must be used for a person to redeem a prize, and constitutes written permission to share this information one time with the fulfillment partner.
Thank-you for naming me a give-away winner.
Webinar Title:
Item I Won:
Full Name:
Street Address:
I hereby give you permission to share this information one time with _______(fulfillment partner) __________________ so the item can be delivered.
img_2515.jpgPat Richley-Erickson,
Updated 21 May 2018

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